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There is lot of crowd outside having degree in their bags and confident in their mind, enriched with valour to measure the top most heights they actually dream since long ago. Complication arises when the situation becomes a crossword, includes the choice of beginning of right direction, desk and designation. A Shrishail Technologies initiative, SELP is the career modulation platform for technical graduates who are looking to fabricate their career in software engineering world

The ShriShail Employment Learning Programme is an exclusive Training with job proposal offered by ShriShail Technologies, which is premeditated to transform technical graduates into highly demanding professionals. This exclusive and trustworthy programme will helps you develop most innovative and cutting edge skills to groom your career in result oriented directions. The motive behind providing this program is secured future and self-dependency in terms of finance and your own values. The following SELP consist of well-tailored training with bespoke books and organisation-approved certifications.

SELP mints the graduate students to be ever ready for the IT world by pulverizing the external deficiency, moulding the new capabilities and strengthening their technical proficiencies alongside communication and professional skills.

"Our 3 much necessary steps to shape you in most desirable professional"

Technical Knowledge

Technically skilled conqueror are most desirable candidates for IT hub. This SELP program will provide training and mentoring to the aspirants at various level such as foundation, core, narrowing down about the comprehensive IT domain and cutting -edge specialization levels for the required technology navigation. With the top-notch experienced professionals, we designed this program to fortify the candidate’s basic required technical skills through pro-active implementation.

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Communication Skills

As you all know, the most frequented language use to communicate across the world is English. Apart from native language you must have to set your fluency in English. For this, we provide communication improvement program by using globally authenticated Vocal and Writing tools to do consistent practice till the perfection. Our structured content will help you to enhance your vocal and written English language and also explore your communication skills.

Professional Knowledge

The most considerable part under SELP program is Professional training which is core of whole body structure. In this part, we put our utmost effort to trained the innovative minds seamlessly, effectively with the use of production suites like MS Office and its subsidiaries applications. It will help to you to develop the necessary mental adaption skills to scale and recognize behavioural and relational dynamics like team-building, team leadership and gender-related kindliness.


ERP comes under Software Engineering Programme.

ERP stand for Enterprises Resource Planning by the application of Microsoft business software. Being an ERP consultant is one of the dream job for those candidates who belongs to IT background. A Technical consultant in ERP has to provide high-quality technical support which includes customization, coding, report, development, integration through cutting-edge programming and execution for Business software development.

Skill you will adapt through technical consultant program in ERP include:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV, CRM
  • X++, MorphX
  • Web services
  • Reporting(SSRS)
  • Analytics(SSAS)
  • Software Customization and Integration

Here are some of the positions that you may join after successful completion:

  • Technical consultant in Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Technical consultant in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Technical consultant in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
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Web Design and development program is also a Software Engineering program.

Being a coder to develop something sensational for netizens and from business purpose is keen dream for many engineering graduates. But it become difficult to map your idea on safe place as may learn coding from anywhere but there is no possibility to get result oriented tasks which have profitable outcome. This is happening with most of fresher due to insecure job place, and confusion crawling in mind foe what next. SELP program provide a cutting edge, well-mapped training program under which the Web expert of industry will help to shape, design and develop your qualitative skill, so a IT industry can consider you as a App developer, Coder, Designer, Web Developer or what you want to be. We provide a platform where you will go through a deep instruction to apply your talent at right place, clean that dust, elaborate what you really want to be. SELP leads to a destination for young innovative mind where you can say a Future Perfect.

Skills that you will learn and adapt through SELP’s Web Designing and Development Programme:

  • Web Designing
  • Coding
  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Design and Development
  • Photoshop and Graphic Designing
  • Software Testing
  • Master of programming language

Here are some of the positions that you may join after successful completion:

  • Web Designer
  • Web Development
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Digital Marketing comes under Software Engineering Programme.

Door to door marketing was past, now the fresh dish is Internet Marketing i.e. Digital Marketing. A place where organization are launching their products, setting the perfect market to reach every corner of the world and in the same way it is grabbing techies to be a Digital Marketing Analyst. Be it Social Media handlings, e-mail marketing, Search engine optimization, pay per click scheme or paid posts on social media sites, every task requires a specialist to be perform under full supervision. SELP program launches a separate platform for technical as well non-techies who are interested in Digital life where they can irrigate, shape and design their future under special supervision of Digital Marketing Experts. The icing on cake is that this sect has also a bright scope to learn and thrive more and more.

Skills that you will learn and adapt through SELP’s Digital Marketing Analyst Programme:

  • Social Media Expert (SME)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • E-mail Marketing
  • PPC expert
  • Link Building
  • Web analyst
  • Content Writing

Here are some of the positions that you may join after successful completion:

  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Content Editor and Writer
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